Yukktijjya Pvt. Ltd. is a manpower consultancy as one of the most reliable manpower supply & Facility Management Service Provider company in Bangalore.

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Manpower Solution

Yukktijjya Pvt. Ltd. Is a major workforce resource hub in Bangalore. We help with business development, building construction, factory, or manufacturing plants. Through manpower planning, human resources are easily available and can be utilized in the best way. The establishment of large scale enterprises requires the management of large scale manpower then our company Yukktijjya Pvt. Ltd. Provides manpower supply in Bangalore.

We are more capable of providing skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower supply services in the areas of construction, facility management, IT sector, warehouse, and contract staffing. And we are also providing facility management services. These include facilities like electrical, plumbing, building construction, house painting, housekeeping, housekeeping.

We are a team of specialized staff with extensive experience in our own work areas. We ensure that our customer services remain a top priority. And we provide the best-customized solutions at competitive prices So that we keep our trust in our customer.

About us

YPL provides end to end Manpower Planning and Supply to warehouses, Logistics, Constructions and Manufacturing Industries.

Our endeavor is to help client to minimize the risk of resource attrition and deliver the Quality of Works within deadline.

We serve clients with payroll and contract staffing solutions that drives their business forward.

Our expert team finds solutions for complex workforce challenges, from contingent and permanent staffing.

YPL credence on LEAN Management Principle & Six Sigma with Zero Defects, Meeting client requirements is never a problem with us.




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Our Services

Yukktijjya Pvt. Ltd. is working with specialized in Contract Staffing Housekeeping, Warehouse, Home Painters, Construction or Civil Workers, Security Guards, and Facility Management.

Construction Manpower Supply & Services



We are a fully professional company providing services building construction services and manpower supply.
Facility Management Services

Our Company is an energetic and professionally managed integrated facility Management Organization
Home Painting Services

Yukktijjya Pvt. Ltd. provides residential and commercial painting services in Bangalore.
Security Guard Services

Our Yuktijya Private Limited provides trained security guard services in Bangalore
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